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Originally Published by Friends United Press

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 Review Here: When Kingdoms Collide from In Search of the City blog

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From back cover:

To Christians tempted by the glamour of the parade and the worship of the world’s leaders, Michael Snow dares to cry, “The Emperor has no clothes!” In a book that disturbs rather than comforts, he shares his journey toward Christian obedience and faces the reader with questions and challenges which are in themselves acts of Christian Discipleship.

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Original Reviews:

The Friend, February 4, 1983

“There are few Friends, and even fewer books, that can help evangelical Christians to become convinced of the truth of the Friends’ peace testimony….Few Friends know their Bible well enough to converse as equals with evangelical Christians, for whom God’s will and nature is revealed in the Bible which is indeed the Word of God….The non-biblical language of  most British Friends does not speak to the condition of evangelical Christians, who are unable to ‘hear’ what Friends say….if we wish to be heard then we must use the language that is understood.

“Thus we welcome Michael Snow’s rather brief but challenging book…

“Throughout the book Snow shows us a refreshing and humble way of reading and understanding the Bible….

“Michael Snow cannot be accused of naivety.  He is well aware that Christ’s way is a way of suffering love….

“This book will inspire us to read our Bibles in greater depth, to challenge us to be more faithful in our discipleship in all areas of our lives and to help us in our discussions with practicing Christians who are still ‘wearing their swords.’”—Eva I. Pinthus

Friends Journal, October 1, 1982

“…Snow tackles the ‘hard’ portions, those Old Testament passages many like to avoid.  Facing these passages head-on, we are challenged to read the scriptures aright with open minds….

“From young boy playing army, to young man being a marine lieutenant, to young man following the narrow way, he weaves his life’s tapestry, unfolding it so we might understand his position.  He takes us from the saccharine-sweet Jesus of many moderns to the mighty Lord of Love who leads the way to discipleship…”—J. Brent Bill

Update: January 2014 Friends Journal Forum–a short description of my journey from Marine to Christian pacifist.

Original cover comments from the trade paperback:

“This book couldn’t be more timely…I have read just enough to want to read it all.”—Harold E. Hughes, Former U.S. Senator, Iowa

“This is a great effort.  It is an important tract which should be used in the New Call to Peacemaking.”—T. Canby Jones, Chairman, Department of Religion, Wilmington College
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