Non-Violence in the Early Church: Complete Quote List (Here)

Chronological order through Third Century.  From the blog:

Non-Violence in the Early Church
For those who are unconvinced by the consistent, recurrent testimony of Scripture, and the plain example and practice of Christ and the Apostles on the subject of Christian Non-Violence, I present the exhaustive list of quotations from the early Church in the first 400 years. Featuring quotes from hearers of the Apostle John and hearers of theirs.

The Early Christian Attitude to War, by C. John Cadoux

Free, Online, Here

This classic is the most comprehensive look at this subject matter. [This was the first book that John Howard Yoder recommended to me.]

Two Swords: Enough, Luke 22



3 thoughts on “Early Christians and The Sword

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  2. The hard headedness on so many regarding this topic confounds me. Why is the Church not willing to take seriously Jesus teaching. I blame it mainly on clergy for treating it either as untouchable (it’ll cause conflict and drop numbers) or impractical and disregarding it. I’m encouraged in seeing recent works by guys like Preston Sprinkle.

    John Walker

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