An excellent series by Dr. Preston Sprinkle on the faculty blog of Eternity Bible College.  Help keep it on the Popular–All Time list,  See it at the bottom of  that list on the sidebar, for Christians and Violence, Part 1

[Sadly, it has not had enough interest to stay on that list. So few  Christians care about this topic. The series of articles is still available here.]

If we care about this topic, it is important to work at keeping such articles in the public’s view. Such articles are rare. Seize the opportunities to bring light to those around us.

joshua-leads-215x300Dr. Sprinkle’s series on Joshua and the Old Testament.

New Book, Fight by Preston Sprinkle, published by David C. Cook

Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence

“I highly recommend that every believer examine the truths in this book. You may discover that much of your current belief system has been influenced by sources other than Scripture.”
—Francis Chan, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love,

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