The Button-Down Mind

“Fight – A Christian Case for Nonviolence” by Preston Sprinkle

I won’t even call this a book review.  I don’t know if I can write a review that will do this book justice or remove any of the hesitation and angst that wells up inside most people (in my circles) when they see the subject matter (Non-violence? Are you serious, Clark?).  Even discussions with my wife have been tense and my attempts to share with her notable passages from the book have fallen flat without the context of the surrounding chapters.  It really must be read in it’s entirety from cover to cover before a logical discussion about the content can begin.  Nonviolence is a touchy subject for many conservative, American Christians.  We would do well to remember that some heroes of our faith took a stand on this very subject. D.L. Moody was a pacifist and C.H. Spurgeon clearly spoke out against…

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