This was under Pacifist Quotes, but is so significant and little known that it deserves a post of its own.

Charles Spurgeon: On War and Christians

“We are up to the hilt advocates for peace, and we earnestly war against war.  I wish that Christian men would insist more and more on the unrighteousness of war, believing that Christianity means no sword, no cannon, no bloodshed, and that, if a nation is driven to fight in its own defence, Christianity stands by to weep and to intervene as soon as possible, and not to join in the cruel shouts which celebrate an enemy’s slaughter. . . . Today, then, my brethren, I beg you to join with me in seeking renewal.”


From An All-Round Ministry, (Charles Spurgeon’s Annual Conference Addresses at the Pastor’s College), “A New Departure.”
“Mr. Spurgeon always regarded the Conference week as one of the most important of the whole year; and he devoted much time, and thought, and care, and prayer to the preparation of his Addresses to the hundreds…

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One thought on “Great Summary on War a la Spurgeon

  1. It’s interesting how the Bible-based Non-conformists in the UK and most of Europe were anti-Establishment while in the US the supposedly Bible-based Evangelicals have long been plugged into the Establishment.

    In Europe Christians didn’t want to support war and imperialism, they wanted to stand with poor and also laboured (right or wrong) for social reform with regard to work, health care etc…

    In the United States, the same people are pro-Empire, pro-war, pro-rich/hierarchical society etc…

    I understand the worldly wisdom of US Christian Right positions, but it’s amazing how far they have strayed from Scripture.

    The Christian Left is often just as misguided and all to often has a very low view of Scripture. The quote from Spurgeon was a blessing because I was very influenced by him in my early years as a Christian and it’s a good reminder to point to Bible believing Christianity of another era and another context.

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