When Kingdoms Collide

(This excellent blog is no longer online)

. . . A former [Marine] who advocates pacifism? Yes, you heard me right. In case you’re wondering how one goes from participating in the largest military industrial complex in the history of the world to following Christ in the way of non-violent resistance to the powers of this age, you will want to check out Michael’s story. It is the most well-balanced, deeply challenging presentation of pacifism I have yet to read.

The first thing to note . . . is his exceedingly gracious attitude toward those who may disagree with his stand. . . .

A New Review

“This book runs just under 100 pages, but it packs quite a punch. It’s written by an ex-marine gone pacifist…Snow’s writing really shines through here as he illuminates the text in a very vivid way.” [a bit over 100 pp. in print ed. The reviewer received the original, unedited version, thus the remarks about typos.]

Other Reviews on Amazon

“Beautifully written. One of the best books I’ve read on pacifism.”

Ebook version: Three dollars at Barnes and Noble or Amazon

[Ebooks can be read on your computer. Currently out-of-print; check used book sites like Book Finder].

Also, available at about 50, mostly university, libraries. use World Cat Search]

New Stand Alone Page for the book, here

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